I don't know whether I am unique as an artist or simply don't understand.

Everyone seems to want to understand art.  Everyone seems to feel a deep-seated need to understand.  Viewers feel that there has to be some hidden meaning in the artwork that they are viewing that the artist has been smart enough to conceal and that they, as viewers, must ponder and learn to understand.

I don't get it.  I've known artists for many years, and I have yet to hear one talk about what the meaning of his art is or what he is trying to achieve in terms of advancing the knowledge and understanding of art, art theory, or art appreciation.  What unites all of the artists I have known is their desire to become rich and famous and own real estate.  If they can incorporate sex into the mix, it's a plus.

As far as I can tell art-making is usually based on what we used to call talent.  Talent has never been defined well for the visual arts.  People listen to music forever.  Music is totally abstract and has no "meaning" at all.  It's only when someone adds words and a story that music takes on intellectual meaning. Until then, it's pure enjoyment.  Even animals and plants respond to it.  Why do people think abstract art must have "meaning."  Why couldn't it be just enjoyment ?

I have recently learned that what I have been doing for many years is pursuing the formal aspects of sculpture.  Wow!  I'm interested in how it looks?  How the shapes interact?  No wonder it's impossible to understand.  It requires emotion and feelings.  Nobody wants to deal with feelings.

If there is no story attached, what am I going to tell my friends?  That I paid a lot of money for an object just because I like to look at it?  It doesn't move, it just lies there for me to look at?  I don't understand it.  Am I experiencing the universal weakness of humanity?  The basic need to understand and label everything?

This website features my most recent art.  I have no idea why I made it and don't expect you to understand it either.

I had the fun of making it...your role is to enjoy it.